Yes it is actually true, with a little practice, almost anyone can indeed paint! The tricky part comes with knowing how to prepare the site.

When we paint a room we

{1} remove all the hardware

i.e. door knobs and plates, switch plates, outlet covers, blinds & picture hooks etc.

{2} Check for and repair all plaster holes, cracks, and/or looseness

For example, cracks in lathe and plaster walls and ceilings are opened up all the way to the lathe, all the loose plaster is removed, and a plaster plug is built which adheres to the lathe and the surrounding old plaster and firms up the whole area. Then we tape and finish over the plug.

{3} Fill and sand all the woodwork to a smooth finish.

Doors and frames, windows and frames, baseboards and crown moldings.

{4} Sand and prime all bare wood and bare plaster (including new plaster) with an alkyd primer-sealer.

{5} Now the easy part: apply two even coats of a quality paint.

At P.P.P.P we prefer Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, or Para

This is how it looked when we got there…

We eliminated the stucco ceiling, repaired the walls, installed crown molding, painted everything and installed new lights.